Women & Infants

Board-certified obstetricians, highly trained nurses and other clinicians assure wonderful childbirth experiences for mothers and babies.

Personalized care is catered to every mother and child. Expert care and support for obstetrics, neonatal and gynecological needs:

  • delta health pregnant women infants pregnancyGenetics, prenatal diagnosis and ultrasound
  • Advanced fetal monitoring systems
  • Childbirth and family life education programs
  • Pain management
  • Specialized care for multiple births
  • Fertility services referrals
  • Immediate transfers to Hospitals for the highest level of newborn intensive care
  • Special care and intensive care nurseries
  • Gynecological care, exams and surgery
  • Breastfeeding comprehensive guides and training
  • Nutritional programs and expertise
  • Including Women Infant & Children (WIC)

For more information on women’s health services, including childbirth and gynecologic care at DHC, visit: Dr. H. Jack Geiger Medical Center.